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Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Professional Exterior House Painting

We have over twenty years of professional house painting and have been providing exterior painting for clients near Stillwater, Woodbury and Saint Paul in Minnesota. 




Preparation for exterior painting:

House paint scraping

Paint Scraping

  • Drop cloths will be placed in our immediate working area protecting your landscaping and turf.
  • Scrape all loose paint
  • We will apply caulk to all cracks and fill holes where moisture can get into your house
  • Replace any loose or missing nails ensuring a long lasting exterior painting job



Drop cloth for Exterior House Painting

Protecting Landscaping and Turf


After the scraping and repairs are complete we will apply a primer. This will reassure a long lasting exterior painting job. “Duration” paint by Sherwin Williams is used for most of our exterior painting jobs.  Most jobs will receive two coats of paint.




Homes with layers of lead paint

Some homes with many layers of paint will require paint stripper, this will assist us to get to the bare wood.